The conference must be attended by you in order to develop Your company (organization), to get the information about the indicators and results of The Russian National project "Comprehensive plan for modernization and expansion of the main infrastructure for the period up to 2024" and the National project "International cooperation and export"

The National conference "INFREIGHT 2020" on the infrastructure of sea and river transport, as well as on the freight market of sea and river transport will be held in Rostov-on-don on February 19, 2020 at Don-Plaza Congress hotel.

Regarding the conference program

Within the framework of the theme of development of sea and river transport infrastructure, the conference will hold expert discussions and develop specific proposals for improving the situation in the following areas (on the following issues):
- activities of shipbuilding and ship repair companies and design bureaus;
- implementation of the shipbuilding development strategy in Russia until 2035;
- the modernization of the Russian fishing fleet;
- production and supply of ship, port equipment and spare parts;
- "smart technologies" and software for the operation of ports, port and
ship equipment;
- import substitution in the industry;
- development and modernization of port infrastructure in the South of Russia;
- stevedoring activity;
- construction and modernization of marine infrastructures, including dredging;
- construction and modernization of railway and automobile access roads to ports and shipyards;
- interaction of Russian Railways, port operators and ship owners;
- simplification of state supervision (control) in ports, shipyards and other industrial enterprises;
- etc.
As part of the issues of stimulating the growth of the freight market, it is planned to hold an expert meeting in the following areas:
- freight cost for grain transportation, export of agricultural products in the Azov-black sea basin and the Caspian sea;
- export and transportation of petroleum products, gas, coal, fertilizers, metal products and other products;
- simplification of control and supervision activities for charterers and ship owners;
- global freight market 2020;
- etc.

We will also be grateful for your recommendations and suggestions for adding (filling) the conference program.

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