III International Maritime Business Forum & Exhibition

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The III annual International Maritime Business Forum SIMBF 2015 will take place in Sevastopol city and Crimea, Russia in June 2015.
The first day  of the Forum will be opened and organized at halls of "Sevastopol Institute of Bank Affairs", Parkovaya str., 6:

Банковская академия фото

 Other days will be condacted not only in the conference and exhibition halls, but on the ground of Sevastopol and Crimean maritime companies, shipyards, ports, terminals, governmental and educational organizations and universities. SIMBF 2015 will address the following issues, affecting the development of the international Maritime business, especially in Russia, Crimea and Sevastopol: increasing of profits of the ports and the terminals; increasing of productivity and reducing of costs in the shipbuilding and the ship repair sector; attracting of shipowners and yachtowners, yacht captains and other customers to the ship repair and shipbuilding enterprises, ports, yacht clubs and etc., as well as the development of yachting & tourism; improving of quality of practical & scientific education in universities and specialized research institutes; improving of maritime management; establishment of economic ties between the suppliers of equipment and materials and specialized companies of the maritime sector; gas and oil offshore business developement; improving of transport and logistical support to ports, terminals and other enterprises from maritime clusters; increasing of the economic and production income of the enterprises and service companies participating in the Forum & Exhibition SIMBF 2015; etc.

Participants of the forum conferences are the first persons of companies and institutions, representatives of the state authorities and other international and governmental organizations interested in a business development and establishment of the strong business contacts in the region.
SIMBF 2015 also includes an exhibition services for the companies which will bring their exhibition booths to show thier products at the Forum.

Forum will incorporate the different conferences such as: "Russian maritime business", "Maritime management" and etc.

To participate at the Forum, please download and fill SIMBF 2015 application form

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