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The III-rd International Maritime Business Forum and Exhibition SIMBF 2015 took place in Sevastopol city in June 09 – 12, 2015.
In comparison with the previous year SIMBF 2015 has grown up and enlarged. The business program was complemented by the 3 days trade fair.
The trade fair had been passing in Sevastopol institute of bank affairs in June 09-12, 2015. The forum consisted the following business events: conferences, round tables, business meetings, business dinner, and meetings on a ground of different companies, master classes and etc., which were organized since the 09th of June 2015.
The general media partner of the events was the same newspaper as for SIMBF 2014, i.e. "Transport of Russia" – the official newspaper of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Moscow. Media support to SIMBF 2015 was also provided by the following magazines: "Ship to Shore", Italy, Russian periodicals: "International Expeditor", "Maritime news of Russia", "Maritime Ports", "Maritime Fleet", "Maritime business of the Northwest", "Oil of Russia", informational agencies: & Port News, Belorussian media "Transinfo", Ukrainian media "Kompass", TV channels: ITS, PC, Ocean TV,, ITV and other medias.
Ship repair and shipbuilding group "Tekhflot" supported the events as a partner of the Forum and Exhibition.
SIMBF 2015 was opened in the 9th of June 2015 in Sevastopol on the ground of Sevastopol institute of bank affairs:at 10.00, local time:

Фото открытия СИ МБФ 2015

SIMBF 2015 addressed the following issues, affecting the development of the international maritime business, especially in Russia, Turkey, China, Crimea and Sevastopol:
increasing of profits of the ports, the terminals and yacht clubs; increasing of productivity and reducing of costs in the shipbuilding and the ship repair sector; attracting of ship owners and yacht owners, captains and other customers to the ship repair and shipbuilding enterprises, ports, yacht clubs and etc., as well as the development of yachting & tourism; improving of quality of practical & scientific education in universities and specialized research institutes; improving of maritime management; establishment of economic ties between the suppliers of equipment and materials and
specialized companies of the maritime sector; gas and oil offshore business development; improving of transport and logistical support to ports, terminals and other enterprises from maritime clusters;
increasing of the economic and production income of the enterprises and service companies, participating in the Forum & Exhibition SIMBF 2015; and other issues.

Форум СИ МБФ 2015 12

По результатам обсуждений будут выработаны предложения по внесению изменений в российские федеральные целевые программы, законы и подзаконные акты.

As the results of the business meetings, conferences and other business events there will be made practical proposals and changes to the Russian federal programs and laws.
More than 150 companies, shipyards, ports, terminals, plants, yacht clubs, scientific organizations, publishers, governmental organizations, ministries, TV channels and other government and private companies from Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine and Europe were involved in all activities of the Forum and the Exhibition during the four days of the exhibition and the business program this year.

Выставка СИ МБФ 2015 2 min

The following companies participated in SIMBF 2015: "Uralelectromash", "Sigo marine", "Farvater-S", "Sevtechnoline", "Aleksino port Marina, "Crimean shiprepair-building company", shipyard "Reef", Central design bureau "Monolith", the Bank RNCB, SPSR-Express, the company "Popilov Yachts", "Drill Instrument Solutions", "Nepran-boat", "Stellmar", ATP "Neva", "ITSK", "Marin Max", "Compass-R", "Sevastopol Maritime Academy" and other specialized companies and organizations.
As a result of the Forum and Exhibition there were made contracts to supply services, materials and equipment, as well as agreements of intent on mutual cooperation.
The next IV International Maritime Business Forum and Exhibition SIMBF 2016 will be held in June 09-13, 2016 at the sites of Sevastopol and Crimea.
More information, photos and videos of the events, which took part during the III International Maritime Business Forum and Exhibition SIMBF 2015 you may find in Facebook at and at our official web site .

Best regards,
SIMBF 2015 CEO Mr. Alexey Malko

June 15, 2015

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