From October 06 to October 07, 2020, the VIII International Maritime Business Forum SIMBF 2020 and the II Sevastopol Maritime Show SMDS 2020 will be held in Sevastopol.
In 2020, SIMBF plans to present to the participants an expanded congress and exhibition program aimed at the development of Russian shipbuilding, ship repair, machine building, instrument making, port activities, the fishing industry, aquaculture, shipping, yachting and cruises.
The program of congress and exhibition events also should include issues of international and interregional cooperation, the development of the Navy of the Russian Federation, the Russian hydroaviation, high-speed fleet, maritime education, scientific activity and archeology.
The Congress and Exhibition Program of the Forum and the Show of 2020 is planned to be held on the basis of "Center for Marine Research and Technology" of Sevastopol State University.

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